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We’ve been in the technology field for over 20 years! 

From the era of 14.4 kbps modems to modern cloud computing utilizing Azure or AWS, we’ve been around for all of it.

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I am a software developer with over a decade of professional experience in both Linux and Windows environments. I have a passion for crafting elegant code that solves real world problems. I find a sense of enjoyment in uncovering a solution, regardless to how difficult the resolution was to arrive at. I enjoy reading about software development methodologies and trying out new design patterns. Learning new technologies and keeping abreast with current trends is challenging but something I also enjoy doing. 

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IHttpClientFactory vs. HttpClient

Why should you use IHttpClientFactory The main reason to use IHttpClientFactoryinstead of HttpClient directly is to manage the life cycle of HttpClient instances. HttpClient was designed to be instantiated once and reused throughout the application life cycle. If you continually instantiate new HttpClients you may unnecessarily be squandering resources. Another use case is for simplicities…

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Why Is IHttpContextAccessor/HttpContext null on Blazor Server? Here’s how to fix it!

Table of Contents Why is IHttpContextAccessor -or- HttpContext sometimes null on Blazor Server? The IHttpContextAccessor on Blazor Server is only available on the first Http request when loading a Blazor Server application. After that, all connections to the server is handled via SignalR. Your HttpContext will most likely be null after this.  This may be…

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Why are you experiencing a NullReferenceException on OnInitializedAsync() with Blazor?

Lets start with a sample Razor component that renders the UI: Component.razor Forename Surname Username @foreach (var user in Users) { @user.Forename @user.Surname @user.Username } Lets look at the ‘code behind’ (ooof I’m old) AKA a partial class that represents the logic of the component (view) Component.razor.cs public partial class Component { private string _url…

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